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Garden of a farmhouse
Natural Energy Bengola
Natural Energy Bengola

The Interpretation Centre

The Bengola renewable energies interpretation centre is divided into different sections. Each one of them has its own characteristics and covers a different topic:

  • - The water turbine:
    The water turbine is located in the building’s basement. It is started up when there are group visits in order to explain how electricity is generated through hydro power.
  • - Renewable energies hall:
    The hall displays the different ways of harnessing renewable energies: hydro, wind, photovoltaic, thermal, biomass, geothermal, ...
  • - Hall for interpreting the treasures of the Lea Valley:
    The hall explains the workings of forges and mills, which were once numerous in the Lea Valley. It also showcases the local heritage.
    The course of the Lea River, or "Lea Ibilbidea" in Basque, also has its place in this hall, as it explains where the river flows, what there is to see, etc.
  • - Reflection point:
    At this point, visitors are introduced to the history of energy and given an opportunity to reflect upon it.
  • - The roof terrace:
    One part of the roof terrace provides an opportunity to see photovoltaic panels, while the other has panels for interpreting the park and the wind farm on Mount Oiz.
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