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Campanile in Gizaburuaga
Natural Energy Bengola
Natural Energy Bengola
Natural Energy Bengola

Bengola - The Project in Parts

It is divided into three phases:

1st Phase: Urbanization, appropriateness and equipment of the park.
Fully completed. The following specifications are located in the park:

Zone of wind energy: two windmills are exhibited; they were the first to be installed in the Basque Autonomous Community.

Recreational area.

Bridges. They join the building and the archaeological remains with the park.

- The designed bridge: Designed by sculptor "Ube". Features: Made of "Corten" sheet steel, it is 12 meters long, 4 meters wide and 3.7 meters high.

- The wooden bridge: Its structure is more popular; it joins the interpretation centre zone with the garden area.

Sundial. With its interpretative panel.

Zhen Garden Area. Designed by "Ube". Decorated by a number of works from the same author.

Garden-vegetable garden. The hut or building for storing tools, with a particular design. Made of "Corten" steel, it resembles harmoniously the other elements. The walls are filled with literary references that have been inspired by the world of agriculture.

Stage: At the village disposal.

Path: Being the fruit of a collaborative effort between the municipalities of Munitibar, Aulesti, Gizaburuaga, Amoroto and Mendexa, the park is tiled with the names of their various neighbourhoods.

2nd Phase: Photovoltaic surface:

It involves an area of 7,500 m2. Although it is integrated into the park, due to its size, it deserves a separate epigraph.

Objective: based on solar energy, to produce energy and convert it into an exponent of the potential of these dark spots that are so abundant in Euskal Herria.

3rd Phase: Interpretation Centre:

Its building is well under way; it is expected to be finished within 2010.

It is situated in the new BENGOLA building. Its development depends on the progress in the field of archaeological excavations.
This building, which is nearly 800 m2, will have various departments, as reflected in the initial project:

Museum. It will be located in an enclosed space around the archaeological sites. The entrance and reception will be located on the premises.

Interpretation Centre. showroom, turbine room to use the waterfall, zone of thermic and photovoltaic plate, meeting rooms and workshops, video-conference room, offices and bar.

Being, as it is, a project of an interpretation centre of renewable energy, it will have the following elements:

Thermic and photovoltaic solar panels will be set out to supply the necessary energy for the building.

There will be a hydraulic installation in order to create energy by using the riverbed that has been fitted out and the waterfall. This facility will be launched at specific times as a demonstration of the operating mode of hydropower.

The building will have a facility that exploits rainwater.

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