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Natural Energy Bengola
Natural Energy Bengola

The Bengola Renewable Energies Interpretation Centre

The Bengola Renewable Energies Centre is located in the Lea Valley in Bizkaia, at one end of the "Lea Ibilbidea" (the course of the Lea River). It is part of "LEA: Ingenio & Naturaleza" [Ingenuity & Nature], a dynamic scheme for promoting culture and ecotourism.

The centre lies on the lower slopes of Mount Oiz, and the wind farms in the area make it a perfect location.

In addition to explaining to visitors the sources of renewable energies and their importance, the Bengola renewable energies interpretation centre serves other purposes besides, such as, for example:

  • - Identifying the different types of renewable energies.
  • - The use of clean energies in the past: how mills and forges work.
  • - The interpretation of the Lea Ibilbidea river course.
  • - The interpretation of the Lea Ibarra district: Heritage, local characters...

Apart from exploring the centre itself, visitors are invited to take part in different workshops to put into practice what they have learnt.

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