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The route of Amoroto.

The route of Amoroto.

We will cover 7.700 meters altogether.

We will start our journey in Elexalde, taking the road to the right of the cemetery. Thus we will arrive at Odiaga, and when we reach the cross we will turn left, to go to Belakola farm.
At the junction for Aulesti we will take the road going to Ballastegi wood. We will find an opening and a resting area at the end of the road. From here we will follow the asphalted road, and, along the riverside, we will reach the Ikaran neighbourhood.

In this route we will see the area surrounding the river Zulueta. This affluent of the river Lea is 7,25 kms long and has an area of 16 km². The wood is well preserved, although the latest exploitations have damaged it. At the centre of this wood we will find a sequoya forest.

At the point where it meets the Lea river, there are a few protected fauna species, such as mink, kingfishers and crayfish.

This river crosses the karstic complex of Atxurra, where a few river sources, underground waters and cavities can be found.

Zulueta and its affluents (Izalatxo, Kastillo, Ballastegi...) form a small basin in the centre of the region. It is an area of great natural value. Close to it there is a Bizkaibus stop. From this area we can go to Santa Eufemia or to Bedartzandi hill.

And finally we have two choices:

- Atxurra Idarreta / Asubita / Elexalde.
- Atxurra / Kastillo / Asubita / Elexalde.

From Oleta to Zelaia neighbourhood in Mendexa.

From Oleta to Zelaia neighbourhood in Mendexa

From the Ugaran neighbourhood of Amoroto, we will take the road in front of the petrol station and go to Zelaia in Mendexa. It is a very steep route.

We will first see Leagi Palace.

From Amoroto to Santutxu chapel.

From Amoroto to Santutxu chapel

1. Amoroto - Odiaga
We will start our journey by taking the road beside the cemetery. Following the asphalted road we will reach Odiaga. There we will turn left.

2. From Odiaga to the School of Goierri
Following the road, 500 meters away from Odiaga, we will find a junction. Turning left, we will take the road to Gonzalai after going across Pagazulo. We will follow the road, leaving a farmhouse on the right, until we arrive at the school of Goierri.

(This rout is a part of G.R.38.1 itinerary, so it´s good marked).


Lekeitio - Amoroto Route

1. Iturriotz - Kurtziaga
We will take the road beside the school of Iturriotz. This road that runs parallel to a brook meets another road that goes from Arropaine to Serenga. Half-way, before reaching Kurtziaga, we will find the asphalted road that leads to Zatika.

2. Kurtziaga - Abitara
Following the asphalted road, after going up a slope, we will take the road to the left, the one that runs parallel to the asphalted road. When we arrive at Txantontorre farm, we will see a fountain on the left side of the road. We will go down the slope until we reach the Lekeitio-Munitibar road.

Walking along the road to Bolunburu, we will arrive at the bridge crossing the river Lea. Leaving the farm on the right, following the road to the left of the Babolina brook, we will take the path leading to Aldasolo. From there we will go to Elexalde.

Other routes in Amoroto.

Other routes in Amoroto

- Elexalde - Asubita - Agirre - Lekeitio-Ondarroa road.
- Atxurra - Kastillo -/ Lexardi - Arratika - Etxezarra - Belakola - Gontzolai - Goierri - Aulesti.
- Atxurra - Ikaran - Errekakoa - Mokomendi - Olaran - Ibarra - Belakoa - to Amoroto or to Aulesti from Goierri.
- The main square of Amoroto - The Urrutia neighbourhood.
- The main square - the Cemetery - the neoclassical Idarreta farm.

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