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Aulesti, from chapel to chapel.

Aulesti, from chapel to chapel.

Route: Main Square of Aulesti - San Anton - Goierri - Urregarai - Malats - Zubero - Urriola - Murelaga - Garatxaga - Lekerika - Narea - Main Square of Aulesti.
This route takes 5 hours and a half, 27 kilometres.

This is the best route to see the town and its neighbourhoods. We will start our journey in Aulesti´s main square, in front of the church of San Juan Bataiatzailea (it is worth visiting it as well).

We go to the San Anton´s chapel. It consists of scattered villages and the area is more united in front. There is the St. Anthony´s shrine. The festivities take place on the 17th of January.

From San Anton´s chapel, we will go to the Santutxu´s chapel. The oak of there, which has seen many festivals, is in the grounds of Markina and is the union for people from Bedartzandi. The festival is celebrated the first Sunday in August.

Beside them are the top of Urregarai and Santa Eufemia to 706 meters. The last section has 222 stairs but every person counts differently. In the fields to be down, the festival is held on September 16 and repeats the following Sunday.

From the top of Santa Eufemia we go to the Malats neighborhood. There, it joins an old road that connected with Markina. It consists of houses joined together. Here, we find the San Martín´s Chapel. The feast is celebrated on November 11th.

From the Malats´ neighborhood, we head into the Zubero neighborhood. This neighborhood has large farmhouses and there, you could see the San Lorenzo´s chapel situated to 210 meters from the sea. The feast day is celebrated on August 22th. From here, we will head to Santa Magdalena Chapel.

The Magdalene chapel, began to build in 1712. It has popular style. The feast day is July 22.

Murelaga, Murla, is at the center of Ibarrola. Until 1640 the parish was located here. In size compared with other monasteries, is the largest in Aulesti. The feast is celebrated on August 29th. Celebrating Juan Samamoztua.

Passing the Garatxaga´s chapel and San Pablo´s chapel, under Gastiburu mountain, we get to Ibarrola where you can appreciate splendid views of landscape. The feast is celebrated on June 29.

We will go to the Santixa chapel. It is thought that dates from the fifteenth century. Located in Lekerika, in the meadows of Nabarniz towards Lea. The feast is celebrated on June 25th.

Narea, lies below the mountains of Narimendi and Ilunzar. There is situated the San Vicente chapel. The feast is celebrated on 22th of January.

Finally, we arrive at Elizatxur. Old Kings Road. Here is the festival of San Blas on February 3th and Santa Agueda on February 5th.

Recently Aulesti residents made the following route.
Poster of the route. (Pdf - 1Mb).

Ascent to Iluntzar (Nabarniz).

Ascent to Iluntzar (Nabarniz).

This mountain pass is on the left side of the river Lea (looking in the direction of the river´s flow). The pass belongs to Nabarniz, but the foot of the hill holds many towns (Aulesti, Gizaburuaga, Amoroto, Ispaster, Nabarniz and Ereño).

How to get there: access by car is not possible, but there are many pedestrian paths. We can, for instance, leave the car in Narea and ascend along Lexarra Goikoa farm. Another possibility is to go to the Garaurre neighbourhood, then to Masti farm and to continue on foot from there onwards. There are, anyway, many other routes that lead you there, as for example Gizaburua, Nabarniz...

This hill holds Iluntzar cave, Lezate and many other caves. Lezate is high up in the hill, surrounded by a fence; it is very deep and has water at the bottom. The other cave is much lower, it stands on the road from Aulesti to Lekeitio. Until a few years ago, Aulesti´s water supply used to be drawn from here. There are lots and lots of caves in this hill, and all of them contain water. In fact, the hill is full of subterranean streams.

There are also wonderful views. To the north you can see the coast; to the South, the hills of Arno; to the south-east, Bedartzandi and Urregarai; to the south, Oiz mountain and the Lea valley; to the south-west the Gorbea area, Sierra Salbada and the mountains of Ordunte; and to the west, Sollube and Ereñozar hills and the estuary of Gernika.

Urregarai Bedartzandi.

Urregarai Bedartzandi Route

Both mountains are in Aulesti, but a part of Urregarai or Santa Eufemi mountains belongs to Markina. How to get there: There are two ways, the most popular of which is the following: go to the Lekoiz mountain pass through the road from Aulesti to Markina, and turn left at the junction There is another possibility, going from Markina, but it is not used as much and a special vehicle is needed.

Apart from these roads, there are many pedestrian routes to get there, such as the one called Santa Eufemia´s passacaglia, which is adequately signposted.

Through these routes and paths, we get straight to Santa Eufemi´s field. There we have the resting area of Santa Eufemi (with tables, chairs etc.). From this field we can either go to Bedartzandi or to Urregarai mountain. Santa Eufemi´s chapel is at the top of Urregarai mountain.

The GR 38.1 popular path also goes through this area; starting from Lekoiz, it leads to the Field of Urregarai and reaches the top of Bedartzandi mountain, and then goes towards Markina. Santa Eufemi´s chapel also gives its name to the mountain, and many people call it Santa Eufemia rather than Urregarai. The local feast is celebrated on September the 16th or on the following Sunday. As mentioned already, there is a resting area between the two mountains, which contains bowling alleys, a refuge, three bars (which open at certain seasons only), tables, chairs, fountains, troughs, barbecues etc.

The peaks of both mountains are near the resting area and have similar views: to the north-east Otoio and Tontorramendi hills, and behind them the sea; to the south-east Urko and Kalamua; to the south-west Kanpona and Arrola hills, and underneath the Malats neighbourhood; behind them Ereinozar, Burretxagana and Iluntzar.

From Aulesti to Oiz Mountain.

From Aulesti to Oiz Mountain

We will start in the centre of Aulesti town toward the neighborhood Urriola. After passing the area of Muxo we will arrive to the neighborhood Zeinka in Bolibar.

From here, we will continue taking the G.R.38.1 marked route until arriving to the summit of Oiz.

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