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The Astoaga road.

The Astoaga road.

From the main square of Gerrikaitz we will go to San Lorenzo´s chapel, and from here to Ganbera. We will continue upwards towards San Kristobal´s chapel, and from there we will go to Oiz mountain. Before reaching the summit, we will turn right and go to the landmark which separates Muxika, Mendata and Munitibar. Leaving the Lea valley, we will arrive at Maguna Atari (a natural opening in the stone), which is in the lands of Durangalde.

It is a very steep journey of about five kilometers.

The source of the river Lea.

The source of the river Lea

The brooks that flow down Oiz mountain meet in San Migel of Gerrikaitz. Following their journey to Gerrikaitz we will find many different buildings which have been used throughout history.

For instance, small water reservoirs made of ashlar (Uribai, Olatxu and Goikolea);

Next to these, old mills (Elortza, Olatxu and Errotarria), and around them old farms such as Bartieta and Arbatzei (they have architraves in their porticos), Garro (the portico is arch-shaped) and Postes of Aldeola (it has an extremely beautiful wooden balcony).

Ascent to Motroillu.

Ascent to Motroillu

This route offers us the opportunity to enjoy seeing the beautiful landscape of Aulesti and Munitibar.

Explanations are not necessaries about this route, because it is clearly marked.



We will walk along the road above the square till we reach Urtia farm. From there we will head for San Lorenzo´s chapel, and from there to Ganbera. Once there we will go to Oiz hill. As we ascend we will find a junction. We have two choices:

1.- To take the road called Astoaga and go to San Kristobal´s chapel and Oiz mountain.
2.- To take the other road, the road from Ganbe to Kortaguren along the slopes of the hill. After going through it.
Iporla and Okiz farms we will arrive at Kortaguren. This farm grows cattle, and it stands in an opening. Continuing ahead, we will reach Goiko-Etxebarri, and further on Gontzugaraigane. The Uriona neighbourhood is also there, with Ormetxe farm, Barrenetxe farm...

From Gontzugaraigane we will go to the Gerrika neighbourhood, where Santa Luzia´s chapel stands. If we follow the route we will arrive at the sign indicating path PR.BI.25. Along this path we will arrive at the Totorika neighbourhood. San Juan´s chapel or Larrinazarra farm are among the outstanding features.

Ascent to Oiz.

Ascent to Oiz

Oiz mountain, as many other mountain and hills in Bizkaia, was used to call people to the Meetings of Gernika and to watch out for danger in the domain of the lords. According to a legend, Oiz was one of the homes of lady Anbotoko Mari, and she used to visit it every seven years.

The mountain stops the cold wind, and creates a mild climate in the surrounding valleys. It is the source of the rivers Lea and Artibai. It was once covered by beeches and oaks, but they were cut down so as to feed forges, build ships and to use them as fuel.

We will start our journey in the main square, San Pedro square. From here we will head towards the Viewpoint of Biscay (we can do this by car or on foot), and after going through Ganbe we will turn left at the junction. It is a very steep mountain (1.029 meters high). There are two roads and many paths to get there. There are lots of fountains on the route, and also at the top of the mountain.

On sunny days, the hilltop offers amazing views: Illuntzar, Bedartzandi and Urregarai mountains to one side, Udalatx, Anboto, Untzillatz, Errialtabaso, Aramotz and Gorbea to the other, Zaraia and Aizkorri mountain passes and finally the Biosphere Reserve of Urdaibai with Sollube hill behind.

As we ascend we will see San Kristobal´s chapel in a beautiful field.

Santio way.

Santio way

It comes all the way from the coast of Gipuzkoa, entering Bizkaia through Markina, more specifically through the Collegiate Church of Ziortza. From Ziortza we will go to Gontzugarai, and from here to Munitibar. We will first arrive in Berreño as we come from Gernika, and we will see the chapel of San Salbador.
It is a very beautiful neighbourhood.

Following the road and turning right at the first kilometer, we will arrive at the Aldaka neighbourhood, where we will see Santiago´s chapel.

This road, the road coming from Markina and the road coming from Lekeitio meet in the Ganbe neighbourhood.

From here Santio Way heads for Durango through Astoaga.

The Viewpoint of Biscay.

The Viewpoint of Biscay

The viewpoint is on the road from Munitibar to Zugastieta.

The views are amazing:

the whole of Urdaibai.

From Ganbe to Kortaguren.

From Ganbe to Kortaguren

It is a very easy route, with hardly any slopes. It covers around three kilometers altogether. It allows us to see the Sels or stables of Oiz mountain, that is, how they used to distribute the lands for livestock farming.

To measure these sels or round lands, they seemingly used chains or ropes. From the XVth century onwards they built farms on these lands.

Kortaguren farm, built in 1746, is one of them.

From Ganbe to San Kristobal.

From Ganbe to San Kristobal

We will start our journey in the road to Astoaga, and finish in San Kristobal´s chapel.

This route of about a kilometer is very steep, but is full of beautiful views (Urdaibai and the estuary of Mundaka...).

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