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Tourism - Where to Sleep in Aulesti

Hostel Ubilla Aterpetxea

Hostel Logo.
Ubilla Aterpetxea.


Aulestia, 4
48380 Aulesti
Tel: 94 627 93 79

Hostel Atxagarai Aterpetxea

Hostel Logo.
Atxagarai Aterpetzea.


Santa Eufemiko zelaian
48380 Aulesti
Tel: 94 624 90 06

Manager: Aulesti Council.

Users: Anyone can come.
Open all year.

To Book: Reservations can be made at Aulesti Council. If permission is given, a deposit must be paid.

Services: Place for 25 people, dining room, kitchen, toilets and heating.

It is not allowed to:
- Prepare food or smoke in the bedrooms.
- Move the furniture, or to take it outside.
- Throw rubbish in places other than those specifically designed for that purpose, both inside and outside the hostel.
- Pets are allowed.

Prices: The use of litters per person and per night 10 € (minimum 50 €, for example, if less than 5 people, you will pay 50 €).
The use of the kitchen 15 € per day (for the whole group).
For lunch, dining room and kitchen (not overnight), 30 € per day.

- Until 5 people: 50 €.
- From 6 people: 80 €.

No Credit card.

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