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City Council of Amoroto
Pelota Court in Amoroto

Amoroto - Municipal Services

Amoroto Council:

Elexalde auzoa, 1 , 48289 Amoroto (Bizkaia)
Tel: 94 684 25 49
Fax: 94 624 37 04


The state school is situated in Elexalde, in the town centre.
It is well-equipped and has good infrastructures. At this school children are given Obligatory Primary Education.
For Secondary Education they must go to Lekeitio (7 kms away).


Amoroto has a covered pelota court and a probaleku (a special stone-paved location for oxen weight pulling competitions).
Events: pelota championships, horse and mule weight pulling competitions.

Culture, Events, Associations:

There is a Culture House in Amoroto and many groups use it.
There is a senior citizens´ association and a parents´association, as well as a committee which organises the local feasts and celebrations.
In the year 2000, the council started organising activities every month with the help of a committee of villagers.


The Old Citizens´Association, the Young People´s Association and the Parents´ Association.

Petrol Station :

Ugaran auzoa, z/g. Oleta
48289 Amoroto
Tel. 94 624 35 63
Fax: 94 684 28 03

Activity of the Company: it is a complex including a petrol station, a shop and a carwash.
Managers: Pedro Mari Arriaga and Jaime Gabiola.
Opening hours: Monday-Saturday, 06:00-22:00.
Sundays and Bank Holidays: 08:00-22:00. .

Parks and Resting Areas:

The Elexalde Resting Area
It is next to the school and the pelota court. There are swings, a slide and Ua playing field for children.
A beautiful stone wall surrounds the playground.

The Oleta Resting Area
It is actually in the Ugaran neighbourhood, although the locals call it Oleta. It stands near the junction of the Gizaburuaga-Aulesti-Munitibar road, the Markina-Ondarroa road and the road to Lekeitio. There are three popular restaurants in the area.
It is beside the river Lea, and surrounded by oak trees. It has a kiosk, and a wonderful shade for the hot summer days.

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