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City Council Aulesti
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Aulesti - Municipal Services

Aulesti Council:

Donibane Enparantza 1, 48380 Aulesti (Bizkaia)
Tel: 94 627 90 06
Fax: 94 627 91 17
E-mail Secretariat:
E-mail Mayor of Aulesti:


The local school has 67 children in the course (2009-2010). It is well fitted as far as equipment and infrastructures are concerned. It is a primary and secondary school; pupils must then go to Markina for further education (Markina is 8 kms away from Aulesti).


Many locals have elevated Basque pelota: Kortabitarte, the Ubilla brothers, Aboitiz, Unamuno and many others with their hands, and the Perea brothers with their bats and basket-like gloves.

Talking about rural sports, we must mention Jon Olea Unamuno Sakoneta, the giant of Aulesti, the champion of many stone-draggings, tugs-of-war...

There is a covered pelota court and a probaleku (a special stone-paved location for oxen weigt pulling competitions), as well as a football ground.
There are also very famous pelota players today: Katxin Uriarte, Unanue, Goitia...

Torrezelai Sport Center
For Partners is open from 06:00 am until 22:00 pm, consists of a variety of sports-machines; machine climbing stairs, running, skiing, rowing, two bikes, various weights, machines fitness, sauna etc.

Beside that there are other premises in which the City Council and other associations organize various activities such as pilates, yoga, gymnastics and so on.

BBK Bank Office and Cashpoint:

Sololuzia kalea, 4
48380 Aulesti
Tel.: 94 627 91 05

Opening hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30 to 14:15 and 16:45 to 19:30 on Wednesdays.


There are nine associations in Aulesti:

  • - The Senior Citizens´ Association
  • - The Parents´ Association
  • - Trolebu
  • - Zemedia (a women´s association)
  • - An association of people refusing to do the military service
  • - The School of Music
  • - The Young People´s Association
  • - The Cultural Association
  • - The Sports Association.



Behekale, z/g.
48380 Aulesti.
Manager: Josune Zaldunbide Uriguen.
Tel: 94 627 90 20.

It is a small self-service.
Products sold: food products, frozen fish, yoghurt, delicatessen, drinks, sweets...
Opening hours: From 09:00 am until 13:30 pm and in the evenings from 17:00 to 20:00, Monday through Saturday.

Kantoko Shop:

Aulestia kalea, 62.
48380 Aulesti.
Tel: 94 627 90 07.

It is a small self-service. Ironmongery and Haberdashery also.
It sells everything: food, clothing, underwear, gowns, jewelry, perfume, shoes, socks, sheets, towels, denim pants, light bulbs etc ...
Opening hours: From 09:00 am until 14:00 and in the evenings from 17:00 until 21:00. From Monday to Saturday.

Parks and Resting areas:

The resting area of Santa Eufemi
The Santa Eufemi resting area is 275 meters above the sea level, and to get there we must take the Aulesti-Markina road. Following that road we will arrive at the Lekoiz mountain pass, and almost at the top we will see a sign indicating the way to Santa Eufemia hill. From there we can go to Santa Eufemi´s chapel and do long or short trips: to Bedartzandi hill, Zapola hill in Markina...
The resting area is surrounded by beeches; under their great shade there are tables and chairs, barbecues, a fountain and a trough, a bowling alley, a refuge and a bar (in spring and summer).

Errekondo Park
It is on the way to Gernika. To get there you must take the road to the Urriola neighbourhood, the one parallel to the pelota court. It is situated where Muxo brook flows into the river Lea. It is close to a waterfall that has been turned into a bathing site. There are three bridges in the area. It is a quiet place, suitable for spending the day with the children, having a swim...
The park also has swings, a slide, a football ground, tables and chairs, a fountain, toilets etc. Errekondo restaurant is by the park. It is has an area of around a hectare, where people can do both long and short trips.

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