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A group of friends dressed in Gizaburuaga.

Gizaburuaga - Feasts and Celebrations

Andra Mari´s day:

On September the 8th.
There is a mass and then pelota championships, dancing and accordeon players. In the afternoon there are clowns for children and an omelette contest, and a festival at night.

The day of the elderly:

It is celebrated on the last Sunday of August.
The celebrations include a mass, Basque trovadours, donkey weight pulling championships and a lunch for the elderly.

Oibarko Andra Mari´s day:

On September the 9th a mass is celebrated in Oibar´s chapel; afterwards people have a snack, and in the afternoon there is a briska championship. At night there is a festival.

Santa Katalina:

On November the 25th. It is the local patron saint´s day. A mass is celebrated on the same day, and there is a popular lunch on the following Sunday.

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