The Town Community of Lea Ibarra - Munitibar - Aulesti - Gizaburuaga - Amoroto - Mendexa

Waterfall on the River Lea
City Council Gizaburuaga
Pelota Court in Gizaburuaga

Gizaburuaga - Municipal Services

Gizaburuaga Council:

Eleizaldea 2, 48289 Gizaburuaga (Bizkaia)
Tel: 94 684 25 86
Fax: 94 684 25 86


There is a covered pelota court and a probaleku (a special stone-paved location for oxen weight pulling competitions) in town.


There is a library and a gastronomic society.

Playgrounds, Parks and Resting areas:

It is in the town centre, between the pelota court and the Herriko bar. It is on the left side of the Munitibar-Lekeitio road as we go towards Lekeitio.

There are swings and a playground.

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