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Mendexa Festivals
Mendexa Festivals

Mendexa - Feasts and Celebrations

San Inazio´s day (St Ignatius, July the 31st):

It is the Day of the Elderly in Mendexa. There is a mass, Basque dancers, a lunch for the elderly, rural sports and a festival.

San Isidro´s day (May the 15th):

San Pedro´s day (August the 1st):

It is celebrated in church, and the most significant event is the "dance on the table", in which the locals participate:

The town´s mare sits at the head of the table, and next to him sits the bailiff holding a jug of wine. A local boy dances the traditional aurresku dance, and afterwards the mare offers him the wine and they drink it together. There is a great festival at night.

On August the 2nd people celebrate Children´s Day. It includes a mass, a group of children dancers, games, a chocolate drinking gathering and a festival at night.
At the end of the feasts there is a fireworks display.

Santa Luzia (December the 13th):

There is a mass in the chapel, and all of those attending it are given a snack.


hey begin to take place in 2008. It celebrates a popular food and costume championship.

Eve of St. Agatha:

Singing Santa Agueda from neighborhood to neighborhood, house by house.


Welcome to Olentzero (Singing house to house, Chestnut ,...) and Children´s Day (Games, Chocolate and action, drama, reciting tales etc...).

Bonfires of San Juan:

They begin to take place in 2008. Bonfire in the square, Folk Theater, music and drinks.

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