Commonwealth Lea Ibarra - Munitibar - Aulesti - Gizaburuaga - Amoroto - Mendexa

Neighborhood Elexalde Amoroto
Lea Ibarra Munitibar
Bizkaiko Eskualdeak
Lea Artibai

Lea Valley - Administrative Characteristics

Lea Ibarra has a total area of 76,3 km², and it represents 6,9 % of Biscay´s territory. Using the line we employed to describe the valley´s geophysical features, going from south to north, we will find seven towns on the course of the river.

Munitibar is the first one, and it is situated at the foot of the hill which bounds the valley to the south. This municipality with an area of 24,5 km² includes the town centre and four neighbourhoods: Berreño, Aldaka, Gerrika, Gerrikaitz and Totorika.

Aulesti dugu bigarrena. Bedartzandi eta Iluntzar mendien artean dago kokatuta eta 25,2 km²-ko azalera du. Herriko kaskoa alde batera utzita, bederatzi auzune biltzen ditu: Goierri, Ibarrola, Narea, Malax, San Anton, Urriola, Zubero, Solaguren eta Garaurre.

The third one, Gizaburuaga, has an extension of 6,3 km² and four neighbourhoods: Eguen, Lariz, Laxier and Okamika (this is where the only industrial area in Lea Ibarrais located).

Amoroto , the fourth town as we approach from the south, stands on a hill, and has an area of 12,4 km² including four neighbourhoods (Elexalde, Odiaga, Ugaran and Urrutia).

In Mendexa, with an area of 6,9 km², the seaside and the mountains meet. It has four neighbourhoods: Iturreta, Leagi, Likona and Zelaia.

These five towns are very similar in their character and their development. They have a very close and productive relationship. Comparing them with the rest of the region, though, great differences and more superficial relationships emerge.

The river Lea runs through two more towns at the end of its journey: Ispaster and Lekeitio.

Regions of Biscay

  • 2.- Gernika-Bermeo
  • 3.- Durangaldea
  • 4.- Plentzia-Mungia
  • 5.- Arratia-Nerbioi
  • 6.- Bilbo Handia
  • 7.- Enkartazioak

Surface and Population Density

Munitibar 24,5 16,2
Aulesti 25,2 26,1
Gizaburuaga 6,3 21,9
Amoroto 13,4 28,0
Mendexa 6,9 49,0
LEA IBARRA 76,3 25,0
Berriatu 19,8 49,4
Etxebarria 17,7 44,5
Ispaster 22,7 27,5
Lekeitio 1,8 4127,8
Markina 63,9 73,8
Ondarroa 3,6 2846,4
LEA-ARTIBAI 205,8 129,6
BIZKAIA 2384,0 514,2
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